Metallex - a producer of gitterboxes and parts for gitterboxes and transport containers as well as other steel structures. We use our many years of experience to perform the most difficult and complex structures

Since 1987, we have been producing metal products, mainly elements of pallets and containers of UIC, VW, BMW type, used by our western neighbors. Since 1995, in our extended offer, you will also find the possibility of ordering all kinds of steel structures, prefabrication of reinforcements, gates, balustrades and comprehensive services for fencing the property, etc.
Our extensive machine park which includes mechanical presses with a pressure from 1 ton to 150 tons, bending machines, spot welders, 30 welding stations in technology (Mig-Mag), TIG welding stations, band saws, guillotines and professional machines for the production of decorative elements (balusters, handrails, etc.), allow us to perform the most demanding structures.
We use CAD and Tenado Metal programs for design


Our offer includes:

    Elements for pallets and steel containers UIC, VW, BMW.

    CNC turning,

    System fences for construction,

    Protective frames, protective grilles and technological platforms,

    Constructions of columns and roof trusses, as well as ceiling girders,

    Fences, gates, balustrades, decorative grilles - Metalwork

    Metal decorative elements on professional HEBO devices,

    Prefabrication of construction reinforcement

    Steel structure stairs

    Various steel structures according to the provided technical documentation

We offer services such as:

    Electric welding, in MIG / MAG, TIG technology

    series welding Welding robot CLOOS

    Spot welding

    CNC turning

    Sheet metal stamping,

    Punching and cutting

    Cutting of sheets and sections,

    production of construction reinforcement,


Art metalwork and more

    Sliding and swing gates,wickets:

            artistically forged with a fence panel filling,

            with mesh filling, with steel profiles filling,

            industrial, artistically wrought fences.


            with a perforated sheet,

            filled with boards with steel ornaments,

            hand forged,

            from ready-made forged elements,

            artistically forged,


            stainless steel 

    Balustrades and handrails:

            decorative anti-burglary grilles.

            free-standing and hanging balconies.



            with wooden steps

            with grating steps,

            with tread plate steps.

    Swing gates and garage doors:

            from a sandwich panel,

            trapezoidal sheet.


EN Since 1987, we have been a producer of elements for specialized metal gitterboxes used for the storage and transport of UIC, VW, BMW goods used by our western neighbors. Since 2013, we have launched the production of complete UIC gitterboxes


In the face of ongoing heat waves, temperatures often exceeding the comfort level of citizens, Metallex offers an ideal solution, which is the use of water curtains. This innovative solution is characterized by simple installation and operation, economical water consumption and high operating efficiency. The curtains produced by us will fit perfectly in the city center, playground, promenade and other places with a large number of pedestrians.

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tel. 68 388 43 49, fax 68 388 47 88

inż. Janusz Hruświcki - Prezes Zarządu
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Bogumił Chojnacki Wice- Prezes Zarządu
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mgr. Tomasz Filip - Kierownik Metaloplastyki
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Maciej Chojnacki - specjalista ds. jakości produkcji
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